As a member of the vexatious 21st century, it is definitely a struggle to fulfill all obligations, yet maintain a hale and hearty state of mind and body. With a constant increase in the pace of life, one fails to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Ambition, fun and commitments are given more priority than health. Be it a young school goer or a working individual, all are strangled amidst the hubbub and chaos of the society.

Let us begin with the start of the day. Estimates have proved that 80% of smartphone users check their phone as soon as they get up. This is harmful as our eyes are exposed to the blue light emission of the cell phone right at the beginning of the day.

Majority of us are usually late for college or work place, either because of either getting up late or being late due to the immense traffic jams on the swarming roads. According to a survey, 55% of Americans skip breakfast and 12% of them never have breakfast. Skipping meals have become a sort of fashion nowadays, but it also leads to several health threats.


Skipping breakfast leads to the loss of many calories, and may even lead to dangerous inflammation. Staying empty stomach in the morning also leads to acid reflux and indigestion throughout day. It is also noticed that breakfast skippers tend to overeat the rest of the day. A study from Harvard University also found than men who skipped breakfast had 27 percent greater risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Nine to five workers definitely have a tough time in finding breaks between works hours for proper meals. Most of them usually gulp down caffeinated drinks and smoke to keep them going throughout the day.  This habit reduces appetite and possesses several gastroesophageal and gastrointestinal threats.

Besides, caffeine disturbs the body’s sleep cycle creating neurological issues. Day workers, who manage to have breakfast, usually miss on their lunch. Moreover, desk work for hours in front of the pc or laptop exposes the body to several emissions and electromagnetic waves which hamper health.

In the evening, about 36% of young individuals consume junk food as an evening snack. 24% of adults also fall under this category. Junk and fast foods like pizza, fried chicken, burgers, pasta and other spicy foods might be easy to eat and filling also, but they are no less than some slow poison.

With an alarmingly high amount of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) content in them, junk and fried foods increase the level of bad HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol in the body which increases the risk of diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attack, diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Besides, such foodstuffs are also harmful for the skin, brain, digestive system and renal system. The crisis increases because people fail to consume the proper amount of antioxidants to neutralize or lessen the effect of junk food.

Another drawback in the life of a 21st century inhabitant is the lack of proper physical activity. A survey revealed than only 20.6% of Americans met the recommended amount of daily exercise. This mostly included morning walks and exercises.

A bulk of the population gets so involved in the daily chores of life that they don’t find time to do any physical activity or even take a walk. Only a negligible percentage of workers walk or cycle their way to the workplace. The risk of heart diseases is found to be less in them compared to the ones who travel by transport. Apart from this, sitting for long hours strains the muscles of the body causing long term aches, spondylitis and muscle dysfunctions.

It is not doubt that living in today’s engaged society and maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle is a tough job. But, we should also remember the old quote- “Health is wealth”. If one does not remain hale and hearty, there is no point working and studying for mighty hours.

It is definitely a struggle to make an identity and possess a good standard of life, but one can reach the zenith only if he/she is physically and mentally fit. Although technology has made life easier, it has also strangled us. We have time to witness and use the marvels of technology, but we fail to care of ourselves.

We skip meals, get addicted to smoking and alcohols, consume junk food on a regular basis and cease physical activities. All these together degrade our health and weaken the immune system. This is the reason why deadly diseases like cancer have proliferated.

Although we cannot run away from our obligations, we do need to find time and manage our health at the same time. This requires wise planning and diet charts. It is advisable to have a good walk and exercise in the morning or evening too. Staying stress free is also an important aim.

Author Bio:

Kaitlyn Kristy  is a content Strategist. She graduated from Hamilton College, New York with Bachelor’s Degree in Creative writing. She lives in New York, with her family. She researches and writes custom content. She loves to write on health, lifestyle, fitness and exercise, food, relationship and parenting.  Kaitlyn loves reading, cooking, and travelling.


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