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What Kind of Vacationer Are You?

What kind of vacation would make you want to leave home forever? What adventure would change your entire life? Where could you go that would leave such an impression that you’d want to move there?

The answers are different for different people, but there are only a handful of types of vacations that excite, inspire and wow people.

When you quit work for the day, you want to:

A. Take the kids for a walk around the block
B. Turn on the TV and veg out
C. Go out for dinner and dancing

When you entertain friends, you most likely:

A. Have a potluck and invite the best cooks you know
B. Barbecue in the summer; make chili in the winter
C. Cook a special, exotic meal for your guests

If you look for something to read, you go to:

A. The library
B. Amazon Kindle store
C. A regular bookstore

You desperately need a pair of jeans for an outing today but you’re short on cash. You:

A. Raid your daughter’s closet
B. Check out the “gently used” store downtown
C. Go to the mall with credit card in hand

Your idea of the perfect way to spend a day in the winter is:

A. Ice skating on a pond
B. Staying in by the fire
C. Hiring a horse and hay wagon for a hayride

If you answered three or more “A,”  you’re frugal but enjoy good experiences. Look for a vacation different from the environment you live in. If you live near the ocean, head to the desert or mountains.

If you live in the mountains, get down on the flat land, maybe on the beach. Go hiking or sight seeing in the mountains. Take a car trip across Death Valley or take a few surfing or rock climbing lessons.

If you answered three or more “B,” you’re laid back and don’t get overly excited about much. Head for a vacation spot that caters to your need for relaxing. A beach resort or a cabin in the mountains will fill you with contentment.

Forget the exciting stuff unless you’re bored. In that case, break loose! Go where you can learn a new style of dance, ride a cable car or go deep sea fishing.

If you answered three or more “C,” you’re the big spender after a good time. All you have to do is make it happen! Have you always wanted to take a picture of the Taj Mahal? Do you dream of polar bears on ice floes?

The rocky shores of Scotland might beckon you, or maybe you prefer visiting the bat caves in Mexico. Make your plans and do it.

Mixed answers? Go with the majority unless you answered one of each category. In that case, get into a different environment where you can get as crazy with activity as you like during the day, then hole up quietly at night.

Note: This will only give you something to argue about with your partner, but it’s up to you to create the best vacation you’ve ever had. Don’t let “normal” dictate. Think about what you really want to do, then do it.


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