Fall Weddings

Every year in the U.S., 2.4 million marriages take place. Most still take place in the months of June and August. Chances are you’ll be participating in or be invited to a wedding sometime soon.

Little girls grow up dreaming of the special day when they will be joined in marriage to their knight in shining armor.

They spend many afternoons pretending it’s their wedding day, wearing one of Mom’s dresses and a towel over their head for a veil. I don’t know if little boys have these sort of dreams or not, but they obviously will be involved when the time comes.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of patience. There are so many things to think about and accomplish. You have to find someone to marry you, pick a date, the wedding rings, a venue, the cake, the gown, tuxes, invitations, reception, photographer, and music.

Bridesmaid’s gowns, mother of the bride dress, flowers, pick a song for the father-daughter dance, and so much more.

No wonder people get tense before a wedding There are lists available of things for the bride and groom to do to make things just a little easier and a little less chaotic.

It seems there is always some last minute detail that has been forgotten, but the wedding goes on and everything turns out beautifully.

Every bride and groom wants everything to be perfect, but it’s usually those silly little things that don’t happen exactly as planned that everyone looks back on with fond memories.

Of course we remember how beautiful the bride looked in her gown and what a wonderful young lady she has become.

Thoughts of the timid young man that knocked on the door to ask her for a date are replaced by the realization he has become a fine upstanding young man who will love and respect her.

But we’ll also remember how they both tripped as they tried ducking the rice when leaving the church.

Being invited to a wedding means you are going to have to buy the proper attire or dust off those old dress shoes, take the suit to the dry cleaners, remember to send back the RSVP, and find a sitter for the kids if they aren’t invited.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to find a gift the couple will cherish, or at least not have to return. Thank heavens someone came up with registries and of course, cash is always appreciated by couples starting their lives together.


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