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Top Ten Comedy Shows of All Time

We come across so many great shows throughout our lifespan. Even shows before our time tend to live on after our death that is if they are good enough. Like someone once said, “Art never dies, the author does and then the people become its authors as they understand it as per their own perceptions.” The words weren’t exactly the same, but the crux definitely is.

Comedy shows have always had a special place in everyone’s heart since the beginning of television. They help lessen the stress and make one feel better about every bad situation they go through. They laugh at similar situations with the characters as they pun and joke about their flaws and heartbreaks. In short, laughing helps boost one’s mood and mental capability. Thus, this is where all the best comedy shows are lined up for you to watch whenever you feel low.

No, the list doesn’t end here – there are millions of good comedy shows. But these are the ones that are the best of the best. If you haven’t already watched them, you can always order one on demand from your cable provider. AT&T cable offers such services with a huge library filled with movies, shows, and events. You can choose whichever you want.

The Golden Girls

No, the show isn’t about pretty girls going to high school together. Instead, it is about four older women who live in a house together in Miami. They have been married previously, but now they spend their days with each other, sometimes with love, but more often with wit and sarcasm. The show makes one laugh quite a lot, mainly because older people aren’t seen as that comedic. People view them as cranky. The show makes everyone think twice, and elaborates how no matter the age, one can enjoy life as long as it lasts.


The show is loosely based on Jerry Seinfeld’s own life experiences. It was popularized to be a “show about nothing.” In reality, the show recreates how a comedian works and gets ideas to use. The show has a lot of sexual humor, and not everyone has the ability to understand its jokes. If you saw it at a younger age, maybe it is time you watch it again. It’s truly hilarious.

The Simpsons

This show is a take on the daily lives of a middle class family in a capitalist society. It is a satire and focuses on many issues. It also diffuses them in the lightest way possible, as to not tackle anyone’s sensitivity. The coolest thing about it is that they have aired episodes with outlandish predictions that actually came out to be true in the future. Is it just a coincidence, or do they have a time machine? No one knows that for sure.

The Larry Sanders Show

Late night talk shows make our tummy tickle from the inside thanks to the witty conversations with the guests. Such shows have been around for quite some time now, and thus came the concept of The Larry Sanders Show in particular. It presents a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional late night show, and focuses on the preparations and bloopers.


Who doesn’t know about Friends? The show revolves around a group of friends who come together through different situations and stay together. They know no such thing as ending a friendship, and have the guts to apologize just to make things right. They represent the true meaning of friendship by showing how they always go through thick and thin, and even after all the fights and bitter truths, they always find a way back to each other.

That ‘70s Show

Eric: My head hurts.

Eric’s dad: That’s your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.

The sassy dialogues in that ‘70s Show had us all spinning with laughter. The show is based on a group of teenagers who are coming of age and trying to be cool, when in reality their parents are cooler than them. Everyone uses a dash of humor with a pinch of wit to tweak the sarcasm they deliver. Once you watch it, there is no way you don’t like it. The series is set in 1970’s Wisconsin.

Freaks and Geeks

One of the most relatable quotes from the show is, “Just ’cause a girl speaks her mind, doesn’t mean she’s a psycho.” The show had it figured out long before anyone else even tried reasoning on the topic. The show is about a bunch of A-students who will be sure to end up making a name for themselves in the future, but currently they are known as the “losers” in school. They need to make a change, and they try their best to do so. Unfortunately, the show was canceled before a proper ending, so you might want to prep yourself for that.

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm is the name of the middle child in his family. He is a gifted teen who has to put up with his dysfunctional family every day. The show is filled with jokes and sarcasm. Malcolm often messes up his own plans, all the while thinking he’ll end up being brilliant.

Two and a Half Men

Hotness and humor all under one roof here. Charlie Sheen lives a happy, rich life as a hot hedonist, until his brother and nephew come to live with him in the same house. The ten-year-old nephew has a lot of questions about life, which adds more fun to the show.

The Big Bang Theory

The show is all about how too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here, they show physicians who are highly intelligent, but socially very awkward. They can’t even talk normally with other people, and deem others as unfit for conversation – well, mostly Sheldon, anyway.

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