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Top Best Destinations You Must Visit in 2017

Travelling, known as one of the best educators, broadens the mind and stretches the imagination. Whilst travelling within one’s own borders is superb, it is other cultures, religions and geography that excite, and fire up the senses.

Looking at some of the more unusual places to visit, we are going to explore different sights and sounds.

El Calafate, Argentina

El Calafate, Argentina

Known for its awe-inspiring glaciers, El Calafate is 866kms from the world’s most southern tip of landmass, Ushuaia, and is best visited in the summer months.

While still pretty chilly, at average daytime temperatures of 21C the weather is temperate and pleasant, especially when compared to the winter when the thermometer can drop to -10C. Situated 2750kms south of the capital, Buenos Aires, an aeroplane trip is the order of the day.

The most visited glacier is Perito Moreno and is accessible through organised trips on massive catamarans, or for the more adventurous, by hiking.

The waters of the lake are an incredible blue-turquoise colour due to the glaciers moving downwards and depositing silt into the water. Accommodation is pretty basic but comfortable, and the Argentine people are well known for friendliness and hospitality.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

One of the world’s best shopping destinations, with an abundance of outdoor and night markets, it is also a fabulous sightseeing city. Close to the airport,Chek Lap Kok on Lantau island, one can visit the Tian Tan Buddha.

Accessible by bus, taxi or by a scenic cable car trip lasting 25 minutes, this incredible monument stands at an impressive height of 34 metres. Nearby, in Penny’s Bay, a great family day out can be had at Hong Kong Disneyland, featuring all the fun and action associated with these theme parks the world over.

Situated on the south of Hong Kong island is the famous Stanley Market. Well known for its clothing and Chinese gifts, it is best to visit in the morning from 10am, to avoid the heat, humidity and crowds.

Accessible from the north by the most hair-raising double-decker bus ride, this historic little town has a stunning waterfront with a good choice of restaurants and bars.

The area of Wan Chai, to the north of the island, is world-renowned for its strip joints and bars, and is a fitting finale to the evening, after a sumptuous dinner in the streets of Lan Kwai Fong with its variety of restaurants, featuring many kinds of Asian cuisine.

Cheddar, An English Country Village

Cheddar, An English Country Village

Characterised by its green and rolling hills, and narrow winding roads, the South West of England is a must for those seeking picturesque villages and towns.

Cheddar, in Somerset, is where the original cheese came from, although it is made all over the world nowadays. Famous for its dramatic limestone gorge, with 2 caves, England’s oldest complete skeleton, Cheddar Man, estimated at 9000 years old was discovered here in 1903.

Accommodation, pubs and restaurants are plentiful and Cheddar is a handy stop-over for tourists en-route to Devon or Cornwall.

Pater Noster, West Coast, South Africa

Pater Noster, West Coast, South Africa

Picture blue skies, gorgeous beaches and white-washed cottages, and that’s Pater Noster in the Cape. Situated on the Atlantic ocean, this little fishing village is where you’ll find the best lobster, oysters and fresh fish.

With its kabeljou farm and lobster factory, it also shares the biggest oyster farm in South Africa with a neighbouring town. The climate is Mediterranean, winter is the rainy season. In spring-time, the area becomes a floral utopia with an abundance of wildflowers carpeting the area.

Visitors come from far and wide to view this amazing site. Accommodation is widely available in the little white guest houses and apartments, and at Club Med in nearby Langebaan.


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