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There are a lot of things of which we still don’t know about our body. Some things have been known to the science for some time but yet we normal people don’t.

Here in this article we will see some of those questions about your body to which science know the answers but most people don’t. Hope you enjoy the read.

Qn #1: What is physically causing the feeling of your “stomach dropping” when you receive bad news or see something terrible?

Ans: This can be explained in three different ways

  1. Blood leaving stomach: In this theory it states that, when you see something terrible or hear a very bad news, some systems are put offline to better provide support to critical systems like muscles and lungs.

Some people say you can’t get this immediate feeling if it was caused by the blood leaving stomach. Read on the next part.

  1. There is a network of neurons in our stomach(gut) which plays a major role in how you feel. This neuron network is called “enteric nervous system” aka ENS. This network is what helps you to do the digestion and similar stuffs autonomously.

ENS is also the one which is responsible for sending signals to the brain in response to emotions like fear, excitement, and stress. Some gut scientists (neurogastroenterologists) call the gut “the second brain”.

  1. But again the above two explanations doesn’t make it clear what actually causes it. According to some educated guesses from doctors, this feeling could be the after effect of your heart stopping for a second or two.

The nerve activity caused by the ENS(see the 2nd explanation) is probably making the heart pause for a second or two. You feel it in your lower chest / upper abdomen. Then the thunk of a blood laden heart giving an extra big beat.

Qn #2: What causes the sensation of itching and why?

Ans: The sensation of itch is said to be another form of pain itself. There are several types of itch of course. In here we will discuss one of the most common types of itch, itch that occurs near a wounded area.

There are thousands of nerves all over the surface of your skin which are meant to feel pain. But near a wound there will be a lot of dead cells and the wound begins to heal. The loose dead skin cells sometimes touch those nerves and activate them.

Now since the signal is not a complete one, you don’t get a pain response. So your brains makes up the itching response which in turn make you want to scratch that area, thus by removing the dead cells.

Qn #3: What is that sensation under my ears by my jaw when I consume sour things?

Ans: The sourness in food is a sign of acidity. If the acidity is too much it could corrode the enamel on your teeth. Now our saliva is slightly basic and also can prevent too much pH.

So when you taste sour food, your salivary glands work harder to produce a hell lot of saliva which causes the sensation.

Qn #4: When I get a headache, what is actually hurting?

Ans: Brain cells can’t feel pain. So what causes the head ache? Well, the answer is not brain cells obviously.

It is the meninges which is responsible for the pain sensation in your head. Meninges is basically tissues that wraps around the outside of the brain. Some of it does dive into crevices in the brain tissue itself allowing it to feel like the pain is deeper inside your head.

There are various other reasons for pain such as blood vessels and cranial nerves in brain which is stimulated correctly can cause pain.

Qn #5: Why does applying pressure to my leg after banging it on the corner of a table relieve the pain?

Ans: When your nerve sends a signal, it travels up the nerves along your spine until the signal gets to receptors in your brain.

The idea behind rubbing or putting pressure on a hurt area is that the non-pain signals then compete with the pain for access to the spine (and then to the brain). Basically it creates a traffic jam where neither signal gets sent at full strength.

You don’t necessarily have to rub the exact same spot as the injury in order for this effect to work the same way spinal anesthesia works even though it isn’t on the exact spot that the pain is coming from.


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