Demi Lovato

It is no longer news that Demi Lovato has been battling with addiction for a while now. But what is news is that she almost recently died after taking an overdose of drugs. The 25-year old singer who had smoked a lethal combination of drugs on the 24th of July, 2018 had almost died shortly after taking the lethal dose.

The dose which contained oxycodone and fentanyl was what the singer had apparently taken before going to bed. She was said to have taken the exact dosage and quantity that the late rapper lil peep and the Prince had taken before they died.

Though we are not sure that the singer is battling with depression just like lil peep, but we sure know that she is battling addiction. Demi was having a party at her residence at Hollywood hills when she placed a call to an unknown drug dealer to sell her some drugs. She had apparently been a customer to this drug dealer since April.

As soon as the drug dealer received the call, he stopped by her residence and sold to her two free based oxycodone wrapped in a paper foil. It was not until she had gone to bed that the effects of the drug hit her completely and she started breathing heavily and gasping for breath.

When the drug dealer who had apparently been invited into her home as he was no stranger to her noticed her erratic breathing, he fled from her home. Although the drug dealer had been no stranger to Demi Lovato, what she didn’t know about him was that he usually purchases drugs illegally from Mexico and the drugs that he sold to Demi were no different in terms of their origin.

Demi was later found unconscious at her home after the night of heavy partying with her friends was over. Her saving grace was that upon arrival of paramedics after a friend of hers though in his drunken state had placed a call to 911, she was immediately administered Narcan, a drug that counters the effects of opium and oxycodone.

She was then rushed to the hospital and in no time became conscious again after Narcan had taken effect in her system. Her publicity rep stated that Demi was alive and well, relaxing and talking to her family. She also went ahead to debunk the reports that Demi had apparently had an overdose on heroine saying those reports were false and seemingly untrue.

Demi was apparently supposed to be on a tour when she overdosed on drugs and since the night of the incident, she had to cancel her remaining days on tour and also the shows in which she was supposed to perform. This move was so that she could go back to rehab.

Just a while back before this incident, demi had released a new song titled “Sober” in June. In her new song, she revealed that after six years, she was no longer sober and that she was okay now.

Two weeks after the incident, Demi was seen to have left rehab and was seen on a flight to Chicago where she allegedly would be meeting with a specialist to undergo treatments.

When asked what the singer had to say concerning the incident, she said “I have always been very transparent about my addictions and my journey with it. What I have learnt though on this journey is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades away with time. A strong addiction or any addiction at all must always be dealt with and it is something I must continue to fight and I have not done that yet”. This was her response when she was discharged from the hospital.

While at rehab, it has been reported that Demi has not been in contact with anyone since the beginning of her stay in rehab. This is for her to concentrate and focus on her getting better, her publicity rep said. Meanwhile even her ex-boyfriend who has always been coming to check up constantly on her hasn’t been able to get in touch with Demi as well.

A source reported that Demi has been doing really well since she started and that she is more open and has been able to express her feelings to her therapist who has been said to be all about mental health as well as sobriety and general wellness. The source claimed that Demi has understood the fact and severity of what had happened and that it had almost cost her her life. She says that Demi hopes to make a full recovery and get back to her first love which is Music and also to her fans.

Demi was said to have checked into a rehab for 2weeks after leaving Cedars-Sinai hospital but the inside source said that her stay will be more than that and we should not expect her anytime soon.

Meanwhile we pray that she recovers well with time and she overcomes all her addiction. Stay strong Demi.


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