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The Best Movies On Netflix Which Are Must Watch

The platform of the Netflix is well-recognized for the most convenient platform to watch our favorite movies and TV series via the online streaming. There are thousands of the movies and all TV series due to which people get entertained whether they are at home, workplace or sitting in a restaurant.

It only requires an appropriate internet service in your device and allows you to watch your favorite movie and TV show without any buffering. There are many movies in the Netflix which become the top priority of the people and those movies become the most watchable in the Netflix.

This list has made quite easy for the people to search for the best movies in the Netflix and consumes less time to decide which movie should be watched. So, the movies which are on the top list on the Netflix platform these days are discussed below.

Mud Bound (2017)

In this movie, 1940s era is shown when racism and poverty were at the extreme in the Mississippi. There are two families which became the target of both the racism and poverty; there are one black family and one white living their life with many difficulties in the farm. The owners of the farm are Mccallan’s. The whole movie is the reflection of the difficulties and problems faced by both families in the wake of the social hierarchies and racism.

The Meyerowitz stories (2017)

The movie is based on the dysfunctional family which was separated a long time ago. They want to eliminate their differences due to which they again started living together. The head of the family tree is named as Harold Meyerowitz who is shown as an old man growling about everything happening in their life. He has three children and all struggling to become established in their careers.

God’s own country (2017)

This movie is the typical romantic love story between the two lovers. The main character of the movie named Johnny lives with his father and grandmother.  His father and grandmother were no longer in position to take care of the farm; therefore he took the responsibility of the farm and struggles from dusk to dawn with other struggling men. The family decides to recruit a person which would help them in farming so they hire a Romanian immigrant named as Gheorghe. Gheorghe and Johnny worked and grew together and got involved in a romantic relationship.

Okja (2017)

This movie is an adventurous movie but it can also be considered in the category of the eco-friendly category of the movies. The main character of the movie is Mija who is a young girl and lives in the Korean countryside with her grandfather and a mysterious pet which is a genetically engineered super pig named as Okja. The destruction started when “Mirando Corporation” who is the inventor of the super pigs claims Okja as their creation. Mia tries best to make team and get assistance from the Animal liberation front to prevent the Mirando Corporation to slaughter all the super pigs.

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