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Spring Cleaning For Busy People

The weather is turning fantastic in most areas as Spring is in full swing; it is time to put away everything associated with winter and freshen up that stale air.

As a Michigander, I am all too familiar with plastic on all the windows, sealing the inside from the outside to keep the elements at bay.

Fresh air gets in through that front door alone, and when it is especially cold and blowing that does not happen often.

Spring is when the weather looks fine enough to take the plastic down and open a few windows, even if only for a few minutes before it begins to pour rain.

The modern family schedule is a busy one, between work, school, sports, and standard appointments, who has time to give the house that deep clean, washing away the winter?

Ahead are some tips to help ease the pain. Depending on the ages of the your kiddos, they may even be able to lend a hand, so the best day to start is one when everyone is home.

So turn on your favorite tunes, and transform your home from stale winter hideout to fresh summer hangout!

Aside from the standard cobweb removal, dusting, putting away, and general cleaning, there are things one can do to make it all just a little bit easier.

Clean from top to bottom, so anything that may fall can be swept up at the end. This eliminates repeat sweepings and when you think about it, ultimately shortens cleaning time.

Do the most disgusting parts of the house last, such as the stove or the toilet area of the bathroom. Hey, I have two boys, the toilet area is the grossest part of the house.

Saving those parts for last will help stop the spreading of germs, and keeping antibacterial wipes on hand in those spots will reduce the level of grossness.

Closets can be a nightmare in the spring time, with all the winter clothes and accessories filling up the spaces. Spring can be a great time to weed out what is not being used and donating to the local church or secondhand store.

The things being kept can be stored away in bins or those amazing vacuum bags to save on space. Whatever is left in the closet can then be organized by color, and everything should be easy to get to once the majority of the clutter is under control.

Another time saver is doing the weekly or monthly or periodic services to the household appliances when they should be done.

The oven, dishwasher, furnace, and freezer need to be tended to on a regular basis, and performing those important tasks on time prevents trouble from brewing further on down the road. Spring is here, so open up the windows, turn on the music, and ready that house for summer fun!


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