Some people are oblivious of how far certain jokes should be taken. Outrage at a southern community over an irritating and sickening display, as the homeowners’ actions, are considered racist and bigotry.

The strife was ignited by what appeared to be a black man hanging from a noose from a tree in the front yard in Homewood, Ala.

Images were posted on Facebook by Alexus Cumbie from Birmingham, Ala got social attention after the caption says it looked like a “fake display of lynching.”
Cumbie went further to explain on his Facebook over the weekend that “a friend of mine was driving through Homewood, Alabama today and witnessed a sickening display in the front lawn of a home”.

As you can guess, this inappropriate display sparked some outrage online and offline. The shocking part, however, is that fact that “the owner of this display has refused to take this down,”

Miss Cumbie went further to encourage everyone to share this post until Birmingham news outlet covers this barbaric display.

She indicated she wasn’t in support of violence when she said “I’m not encouraging violence nor harassment on this homeowner. Let’s not meet bigotry at eye level but also let’s publicly condemn acts of racism in our beloved neighbourhoods. “

The post which has gotten over 8000 shares has sparked even more outrage from residents and more. “Just plain terrible and disgusting!” posted a Facebook user.

Another added that “People are really sick in this world”. More users also added their opinions, “You can celebrate Halloween however you please, but why ridicule and shame, disrespecting another race – that is beyond stupid.” “Mean-spirited and insensitive,” commented another.

The homeowners, Marc and Jennifer Wolfe, admitted that they were only aware of the reaction from people on Sunday morning and immediately took down the display from the yard.

“We’re not racist. Did I make a mistake? I guess so,” says Marc to a local outlet

“I can see (critics) point, but we just hung it because that’s how it came. If they want to say we’re insensitive and should have known better, I’ll own up to that.”

The duo claimed they thought the decorations was a Caucasian who was severely burnt when they bought it.


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