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New Couple Alert: See the Latest Couple in Hollywood

For months now, we have been getting new couple alerts, this is another one. We are excited to reveal that the co-stars of the TV series “Riverdale” have finally acknowledged that they are together as a couple.

Since last month, news has been going about concerning their relationship which was only speculations of course. However, the couple Camila Mendes and Charles Melton confirmed that they are dating after posting an amazing, adorable picture of the both of them on Instagram.

They officially started dating and started posting pictures to prove that they are together. The excited Camilla Mendes took to Instagram on October 7, 2018, to share a sizzling photo of her new boyfriend kissing the tip and bridge of her nose. She simply captioned the adorable picture as “Mine”. Well, we need no other confirmation, do we?

Friends and family of the stars took to the comments section to congratulate the duo as well as celebrate them on the announcement of their relationship. Their fellow casts on the TV series also wasted no time in congratulating them.

KJ Apa who played the character Archie in the movie jokingly asked in the comment section if the couple were dating. A post which Mendes had to apologise to him about finding out the way he did. Don’t forget that KJ is Mendes’ boyfriend in the TV series.

They had even started getting couple name ideas. Hayley Law gave them quite a lovely couple name “Charmila” giving them the cat eye emoji as well. Very funny, don’t you think? Lili Reinhart who also has one of the stars in Riverdale; who incidentally is also her co-star as her boyfriend Cole Sprouse gave the new couple a tulip emoji. That could probably be an invitation for a double date, don’t you think?

Just about this time last month, the couple sparked up sizzling rumours about their romance when they both went to see a movie in Vancouver with their co-star Casey Scott. It was reported by an eyewitness that the Camila sat next to Melton and leaned on his shoulder. Just as the lights of the movie was growing dim, the couple were caught kissing.

Fans and friends were convinced that both Camila and Melton were a couple. This was due to the amount of social media posts that kept on pointing towards romance. Over the Labour Day weekend, the couple were seen to be sharing a towel in a picture of them on their friend’s boat.

On Sept 18, the both of them were seen again sharing the footage of a bonfire which they had both attended together on their Instagram stories. However, both of them refused to add a tag of themselves on the footage. We know for sure that the both of them are an item now.

We are very happy for them, and we hope they take this to the altar and be together forever.


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