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Meghan Markle May Adopt the Same Birthing Technique as Kate Middleton

As a lot of us already know, Meghan Markle and prince harry will soon welcome their first baby together, and it appears that Meghan Markle probably already made her birth plans. Rumour has it that Meghan Markle has asked Kate Middleton for childbirth advice the question now is will Kate Middleton’s birth technique be the exact one that the Duchess of success will be adopting. If you would like to find out the details of her birth plan then all you have to do is keep reading further.

As we already know, Meghan Markle is due April this year according to some sources, and since it is only two months away, the royal is probably considering where and how she might have a baby delivered. Meghan Markle’s birth plan includes using the sim childbirth technique that has sister-in-law used when she gave birth to all three of her children. This method of childbirth is called hypnobirthing, and it is a style that is contained of meditation some specific breathing practices visualisation and relaxation it has been alleged that Meghan Markel has been informed about the technique and she finds it a good one.

Prince harry, and his wife Meghan Markle live together in Windsor Frogmore, cottage so they have agreed that Meghan Markle should have their first child delivery in a hospital close to home rather all the way to London. The best option might be the princess Margaret hospital because it is 60 minutes away from the Windsor castle.

According to the royal tradition, all the royal babies are usually bettered in London, but since the new royal couple has decided to break from this tradition, we can’t really say it is so much of a horrible thing. One other option about the place where the new royal baby might be born is in their home.

It isn’t something common for royal mothers to hire a trained lady to help them during childbirth as well as provide support for their families after the birth of the baby, but Meghan Markle has done that. Meghan Markle will get help during pregnancy during labour and even during the postpartum transition from a Doula. Meghan markle’s Doula has begun to help the couple to prepare for the birth of their first child a closest to the duchess has told us weekly that she is focused on calm and positive energies around childbirth and she believes so much in all of that.

Apart from a Doula rumour has it that Meghan Markle has also employed a celebrity acupuncturist. A source also revealed that is brilliant for the circulation of blood and also boosting of blood flow in the uterus and Meghan Markle plans to use acupuncture tell her due date.

The darkest plans to be relaxed before her child arrives and rose bar will be there to help her prepare for child delivery.

Doria Ragland is expected to move in with her daughter and son-in-law so she can help them with the child. Meghan Markle and her husband’s new home has a special room for her mother. The mother of the duchess has plans to extended stay with Meghan and harry after the child has been born the purpose of this is to help both of them with their first child.

Rumour also has it that when the duchess has finally been cleared for exercise, her mother might still have to stay back to help her with her yoga practices.

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