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Meghan King Edmonds Goes on a Vacation With Her Husband Leaving Her 4-months-old Twins Behind

Parenting is fun, but sometimes you could use some alone time with the love of your life leaving behind all the noise and stress that comes with being around the kids.

For Meghan King Edmonds, she loves being around the kids, but she is so ready to replace mommy mode with vacation mode just for a little.

The reality TV star and her husband left for their couples vacation to Mexico on the 4th of October, and the real housewives of Orange star are super excited about it.

She wrote in her blog that “To be honest I can’t believe we went through with it and we never would’ve done it if we weren’t given a good reason (our good friends have a vow renewal) and we almost cancelled several times.  But today is the day, and we need it BADLY.”

Adding that: “Our marriage needs it. We’ve had three babies in less than two years. We’re building a house, we’ve sold and moved homes numerous times, we’ve quit jobs and started new ones,” Meghan explains. “We’ve become complacent in our lives and have taken each other for granted. We are constant fixtures in our marriage that are often ignored, and we need shining and buffing. We need US back… and the sad part is that we never even realised ‘we’ were missing.”

Edmond was excited about getting away from her regular life to spend some quality romantic time with her husband. She purchased new bathing suits and some colourful dresses to wear for a possible night out in town but the mom is especially “looking forward to hanging out with my husband and not worrying about when the babies need to eat next or who has gas or why hasn’t one pooped.”

Sure the couple will miss their minions, but Meghan has learnt a few lessons from this decision “it’s important to nourish all parts of yourself, including your ‘kid-free self.'”

The mother of twin boys Hayes and Hart who she welcomed in June and 19 months old daughter Aspen has been keeping her fans up to speed with the development of the boys. King explained on her blog that her babies “are really different, but they’re both really good babies. They don’t really fuss unless they’re hungry.”

Guess the boys are in good hands as Aspen is there to play big sister and keep an eye on them till mommy and daddy returns. Besides, the parents will gather up enough energy as they can finally get some quality sleep.

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