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Marvel Shows Cancelled by Netflix

Netflix was the home for many Marvel shows. Netflix wanted to join in the superhero craze with all of the new superhero movies that are made. Netflix did not have much success with these shows and people soon lost interest.

These are some of the marvel shows that have been cancelled by Netflix.



This show ran for three seasons and was the first marvel-based show to that was made for Netflix. This show took a darker look at the classic comic. This show also introduced a new character of the Punisher which is set to be a spinoff that is currently in production. These spinoffs will take the place of the shows that were cancelled.

Luke Cage

This superhero show was also cancelled by Netflix. This show had two good seasons and was not picked up for a third season. Netflix is claiming that the show was cancelled due to creative differences between the company and the creators and writers of this series.

Iron Fist

This is another marvel show that will not be returning to Netflix for their third season. While this show was a success with fans it will not be picked up again. Netflix has stated that the company was proud of the show and was happy to be a part of this superhero production

The Reason

There is another big reason that many thinks that Netflix is cancelling these shows. It is part of an agreement that they have signed with another streaming service. Disney+ is about to launch. This is a streaming service that will be operated by the Disney company. It is rumoured that these shows have been cancelled on Netflix, so they can be picked up by this new Disney service. While there has been no official word yet, Disney is already looking at shows and programs that feature action heroes. While Netflix pays to produce the shows, they do not own the IP to that. That is owned by Mmarvel and they will need to remove their shows from Netflix, so they can advertise on the Disney streaming service.

Decline in Viewers

While these shows have seen strong first seasons and continue to be popular with fans, they have been a decline in viewers. All of these shows had very strong ratings during their first season. Since that time the shows have seen a decline in their audience. While these shows are liked by the critics, they are losing viewers and it seems fans are looking for something besides superhero shows to watch. Netflix is not going to pay to produce shows they are not going to see a strong return on.

While superheroes and these shows will always have a special place with viewers, the shows will not be returning to Netflix for another season. It has yet to be seen if they will be picked up by another streaming service. They will not be featured on Netflix but some of the spinoffs of these shows can be found on this streaming service.


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