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Lily Allen Talks About Being in Labor for Twenty-eight Week and Two Days, and Other Heartbreaking Experiences

Lily Allen is opening up about a lot of things that have happened in her life, and she is the most honest she can be as she shares her story in her memoir titled “My thoughts”. The singer said everything from her embarrassing moments to the stillborn birth of her son George back in 2010. She shared that during an internal examination her doctor told her that her cervix was “already dilated,”.

That meant that the “smile” singer for twenty-eight weeks and two days into her pregnancy. Allen was taken by ambulance to another hospital about 90 minutes away from the first one, and that was where she had an emergency surgery to “have a stitch put in to help hold my cervix together.  According to her, the stitch held for about one week and a half, until one night when she was so amused and laughed hard.

Lily was in labour all night, and by the next morning, the midwife told her that she was crowning.

“Then sometime later – I don’t know how long, maybe it was five minutes, but it could have been five hours, she said – ‘The cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck. There was a pulse. Now there isn’t. There is no pulse now.'”

Other touching personal things she shared in her memoir includes how she felt like she wasn’t human during George’s delivery. Lily said “For ten hours between my baby dying and me getting him out, I entered a realm I’d never been to before. It is a realm I’d never been to before.  It is a realm I cannot describe or revisit, even if I wanted to. The sickness I was experiencing was consuming. I felt knocked out. I felt not human.”

Allen also mentioned her struggle with Bulimia. The singer who recently collaborated with Nigerian pop singer Burna Boy on a song titled “Heaven’s gate” said “It started with bulimia. I began making myself sick as attention heated up with my second album. In my case, it was a direct result of having my body constantly scrutinised.”

Allen’s partying according to her memoir “Escalated” while she was on tour with Singer Miley Cyrus.

“Things escalated in the late summer when I joined Miley Cyrus on her Bangerz tour. (Miley Cyrus, by the way, is great. She’s straightforward, doesn’t do bulls—t and she behaves like she’s been touring and performing all her life – which she has. She’s a real pro.) After each show, whenever we were in the US, I’d hit a strip club. It became my thing on that tour – a way to come down, and somewhere to go so, I didn’t have to experience the loneliness of a random hotel room.”

What could be more embarrassing than accidentally headbutting someone more famous than you? I have no idea. The singer shared how she dressed up as Dr.Luke in 2014 and attended Kate Hudson’s Halloween party. “Orlando was famous long before I was, and when I first got to know him, I think he felt protective of me. But, not any more, he didn’t. He’s a flirt, Orlando. He knew I was up for it at that party.

He was, too. Or maybe he wasn’t. Maybe I just assumed he fancied me because it was part of my thing of having to think that everyone did. Either way, I headbutted him so hard I knocked myself out, clean cold. I didn’t mean to. I was sitting on his lap straddling him, and when I tried to lean in closer to his face, my head hit his and then hit something hard behind him. The hard thing knocked me out. I was very drunk.”

All that she wrote wasn’t about the bad times only, but about the benefits of having kind-hearted people around you. Allen wrote: “I came to in Kate Hudson’s kitchen with Orlando and Chris Martin trying to sober me up,” Allen writes. “Chris drove me back to the Santa Monica house and in my derangement; I thought he’d taken me to a hospital.”

She later adds, “In the morning I found a Post-it note with the telephone number he’d left stuck up on the fridge. ‘Lily,’ it read. ‘Chris. Call me.’ I did call him. He and Gwyneth had just broken up, but they were together in LA doing their conscious uncoupling thing. They asked me over for Sunday lunch.”

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