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Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima are back together?

Just last month we brought you news about Kourtney Kardashian breaking up with her boyfriend Younes Bendjima, the two have reunited to our surprise. Younes Bendjima and Kourtney Kardashian were seen together sitting in a black range rover SUV on Monday night in photos published by the Daily Mail. According to the daily mails report, the pair had stopped over in Malibu to pick up some Japanese take out before they pulled up in a parking space along the Pacific coast highway, watched the sunset for a few hours and maybe had some small talks alongside.

According to the information a source shared with E! News, the duo was in Malibu the entire weekend.  “She talked to him and listened to what he had to say. He said he really didn’t want the relationship to end and missed her like crazy. He explained that a lot of what happened was a misunderstanding and he took responsibility,” the source claimed. “They ended up going to dinner.”

Adding that “Kourtney isn’t back together with him, but it’s a strong possibility that it’s going to happen. She’s not interested in anyone else, and she loves him.”

“Kourtney is upset, but she is trying to focus her energy on other things and stay busy,” another source told E! News in early August. “Kourtney doesn’t plan on calling attention to it publicly and wants everything to blow over. It’s upsetting to her. They have had ups and downs for the past month.” The source added that though there was a chance that the duo would have reconciled back then, the photos of Jordan Ozuna and Bendjima that surfaced has made the chances slimmer. “There was a huge chance they were going to get back together, and they were working on things, but now that these photos surfaced, things are definitely over,” the source said.

Bendjima was very upset about the reports that went around about their split. The model mainly reacted to one of the Daily Mails stories about the breakup where they used a picture of him and Ozuna. The model wrote “They really want me to be the bad guy. F–k your Hollywood bullsh-t (can’t have fun with your friends no more).” Bendjima then added, “dailymail Where are my 12 other friendssss? Nice catch tho.” Including a series of laugh emoji to the photo on the Daily Mail.

He also posted on his Instagram that  “Once again you guys failed. I’m not attached to this ‘life’ so you can’t touch me. I know who I am where I’m from and where I’m going and that bothers you. Only one opinion matters the one of my lord. Have a wonderful day.”

While Bendjima was busy trying to fight off all the stories on the internet, his Ex-girlfriend had moved on and even joined close family members including her sisters Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Jen Atkin on a trip to enjoy the last on the summer sun and officially prepare to welcome fall.

With this new rumour that the duo is back together, we hope to see pictures or watch stories from fresh episodes of the Keeping up with the Kardashian show that would satisfy our curiosity. Until then, the thought of the reunion is filling in so many ways.

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