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Justin Bieber Welcomes a New Baby Sister

Yay! Justin Bieber just became the newest big brother on the planet. It’s a season of celebration for Justin as he recently got engaged to the love of his life Hailey Baldwin and now he has a little sister.

Earlier this morning Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber posted a picture of his newborn daughter Bay Bieber the cute little angel arrives planet earth at about 8:30 a.m. this morning and Justin Bieber just couldn’t hold back his happiness as he took to Instagram to introduce to the rest of the world the newest member of the Bieber family.

Jeremy Bieber appeared to be in a joyous mood as he posted a picture of him going into the delivery room and attached a hilarious caption that read “doctor Bieber to delivery.”
So much love surrounds little Bay Bieber, and she can feel it already. She wore a charming smile in one of her pictures, and it seems she’s going to grow up to be a lovely girl.

Funny enough, Baby Bay’s big brother saw her coming years ago when he sang the baby song. Because if you call her first name and add the initial from her last name you would be calling her Bay B. So you see, big brothers been expecting Bay for a long time.
Jeremy Bieber married his wife Chelsey Bieber in February 2018, and after their wedding in Jamaica, he announces that they were expecting their first baby. Jeremy is 43 years old and has two other kids asides Justin Bieber from a previous relationship.  Chelsey also has a daughter from an earlier relationship, so Bay is the newest addition to the kids.

A big congratulations to the Bieber family. And to Jeremy Bieber, we hope that Bay is going to be the last baby as Justin prepares to tie the knot soon. Bay might be the youngest aunt if Hollywood if her big brother decides to have a baby shortly after his wedding to Haily Baldwin.

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