Justin Bieber is one of the most celebrated singers in the world, not only because of the fame he has achieved from his excellent music but because he has a beautiful personality.

From being a young chap who started singing out of passion, to becoming a married man to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Justin Bieber has created an incredible path for himself. However, this has not stopped rumours from flying around.

There has been a piece of news recently that the singer is abandoning his pregnant wife, Hailey Baldwin. Nevertheless, from the information we have gathered so far, we can confidently tell you that this is nothing but a rumour. Hailey Baldwin is not pregnant; neither is Justin Bieber walking out on the love of his life anytime soon.

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Now that I have established the fact that everything the tabloids have been writing on this issue is entirely false, I will go further to provide you with proof so that next time when you hear such rumours you would know where to stand when it comes to defending your favourite celebrity (at least that’s what I do).

So stories on social media and some fake magazines have it that Hailey Baldwin is currently pregnant and living alone. The story goes further to predict that the newly married couple will be getting a divorce very soon. And apart from the divorce, Haley is already three months pregnant which means she has six more months to go.

According to the rumour, the couple had got into a terrible fight, and Justin Bieber couldn’t tolerate his newly-wedded wife anymore, so he had to quit the relationship. To make matters worse, leaving Hailey Baldwin at a time when she was supposedly pregnant, is betrayal and too much burden for the poor lady to bear.

Just like every story that wants to come across as credible, the tabloids, of course, claimed that they had an Insider that revealed everything going on in Justin and Haley’s marriage. According to the Insider, the relationship is a terrible one, and the drama surrounding the couple is not one that was going to end anytime soon.

According to the Insider, the couple is always having a fight and that even the smallest and unimportant things is usually enough to start a battle between the pair.

The Insider claims that Justin Bieber is always having mood swings and occasional public meltdowns and that is another reason while the couple has to go their separate ways. While Hailey Baldwin has been tolerating Justin’s tantrums and meltdowns, the final straw that broke the camel’s back was when he confronted her for going to her friend’s place to spend a night instead of spending it with him.

According to the lying Insider, Justin pointed out that he always wants his wife by his side and he will not tolerate her behaviour. The Insider added that Justin started ranting about how he wants Hailey always to be around to take care of him and the wife had no choice but to remind him that she was his wife and not his mother.

The source claimed that Hailey telling Justin that she was his wife and not his mother, was the reason why the singer had to run out of his home abandoning his pregnant wife to handle herself.

From everything we have read so far and the things we have also seen on social media, it has become apparent that this is nothing but a terrible rumour and completely untrue. The tabloids also wrote that they have a feeling Justin just might calm down in future, have a change of heart and return to his wife to apologise and seek forgiveness.

But still, there is no evidence to back all these claims that the couple is having a terrible time. As a matter of fact, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have shown how much they are still in love with each other by sharing beautiful moments on Instagram.

For instance, the husband and wife were recently spotted at the NHL playoff game. The pair were cuddling while they were watching the Boston Bruins play against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Justin Bieber also shared some pictures of his wife on his Instagram page with the caption “this is my bean”. and in return, Hailey also shared a photo of her husband on her Instagram page where the both of them were playing around in a photo booth, and she captioned the beautiful picture “my only Bubba”

Hailey also shared a picture of Justin Bieber, and she wrote some very touching words to describe how she feels about the man in her life. The model wrote “my love… you are an incredible man; you make me a better human being, you make me happier than I’ve ever been. Insanely proud of who you are and who you’re becoming. I love you more every single day.”

With a caption like that and a picture that shows they are still in love, you can already tell that their marriage is just perfect and the couple is so much in love with each other regardless of the challenges they may face privately.

One other thing that is completely false is the rumour that a Hailey Baldwin Bieber is currently pregnant. A representative of the singer assured that the news about the pair is totally wrong and that they have no plans of getting a child anytime soon. According to Bieber’s representative, the rumours flying around is the most ridiculous thing he has ever had to read in his life.

It appears that haters are doing everything possible to stir up some drama where there really isn’t any. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are pleased together, and they seem to be enjoying their married life.

One other fabricated story that you probably have heard is that Justin and Hailey will be splitting or getting a divorce because of Selena Gomez. That also is far from real so when next you see that post send it to the trash.

What more can we say? Haters are going to hate me which Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin a beautiful married life together and when they eventually decide to have babies, may their children be as beautiful as their mother.

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