Justin Beiber Already Engaged to Hailey Baldwin

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We all know the Canadian song writer Justin Beiber. He has made waves in the music industry since 2008 when he came out to post a video with his song composition of his “One-time” on YouTube. But do you all know that Justin is now engaged to his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin?

Well it is true. Our youngest musician so far in the industry is currently off the market of the most eligible bachelors in the industry. The story of their wild romance started about three years ago when they were first seen together.

Although they were seen to have a little rough ends going off and on for a while but then just a few weeks ago, they were spotted taking trips around together and they confirmed that they had rekindled their love several weeks ago.

Just last week, they were seen together holding hands in latter city. Before then, they had been seen in cities like Miami and New York cities taking trips together.

But here is the way Justin proposed. He really is a romantic one. He took her to the Bahamas and it had happened last week Saturday in front of a restaurant called Bakers Bay. Apparently, Justin had made plans ahead by secretly ordering for a ring from New York City. Although some say it felt like a sudden decision, but Justin says he always felt like he and Hailey always had a special bond between them.
Justin BeiberBut what do we really know about Hailey Baldwin? Let’s take a sneak peek into Hailey’s life, shall we? Here are some few things you never knew about Hailey Baldwin

1. Hailey Baldwin was born into a rich and famous family. Her family is one of the Baldwin families. Her father is a part of the seven Baldwin brothers; actually, he is the youngest of the seven brothers and he is also an actor. Her mother is a graphic designer named kennya deodalo.

2. She is a top notch model. Hailey has modelled for so many magazines and runways after making her debut in 2014 when she first made her first runway fashion show. She had even modelled for vogue magazine, and walked on the runway for top notch designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and several others.

3. She was brought up in the Christian way. Her parents who are both practicing Christians ensured they brought their children in the way of the Lord and Hailey is no exception. No wonder it was not a surprise when Justin met and fell head over heels for Hailey.
We believe that she coming from a Christian background is a contributing factor to their love since Justin himself loves Christianity.

4. Hailey is a full blooded American. Though she may not look like it given her district body features and highlights, Hailey was born and raised an American. She was born in Tucson, Arizona and was also brought up there as well. So don’t be deceived that she is American.

5. Just like almost every young adult, Hailey also dreamed of an entirely different and subtle career. She wanted to be a dancer. She had even kicked off pursuing this dream at the tender age of 5; in fact, she wanted to be a ballerina but then she had an injury that had to force her to change career paths and give up dancing as a professional ballerina.

6. She is part of a top notch clique. She is close friends with Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Shawn Mendes. She had met this people over time in her career as a model and these three have built quite a strong and close friendship clique which can get you jealous.

7. With all her achievements, you just might think that she should be in her late 20s but that’s a lie. Hailey is only 21years old and she has already made a name independent of that of her father’s already.

8. She always looks flawless and distinct when using make-up. If you didn’t already know she was American you may think she is Brazilian or Italian or from some country else other than America. And honestly, you won’t be so wrong. This is because her dad is European with a little bit of French and Scottish attached while her mum is Brazilian. No wonder her features are quite very distinct.

9. She is also a make-up artist. In an interview with vogue, she once declared that if she wasn’t already a model, she would have chosen to become a make-up artist and we say she would have been a fantastic one at that.

10. Told you all that she was close friends with Kendall. Both Hailey and Kendall have matching tattoos of broken hearts on the fingers. While that of Kendall is of red ink, that of Hailey is made with white ink. Friendship goals, don’t you think?

11. Unlike a regular American kid, Hailey was home schooled. Growing up as the daughter of a famous father and mother has both its ups and downs. Her father tried shielding her from the paparazzi and other issues that came with living a famous life and so therefore instead of going through the entire process of being in a school system, Hailey was home-schooled by private tutors.

12. She had always been a fan of Justin Beiber. Although the started a relationship a while back, she and Justin had already met nine years ago when her uncle Stephen Baldwin had introduced Hailey to Justin who was at that time, her favourite musician.

13. Guess who her celebrity crush is? Did I hear you echo Justin Beiber? Well, you are wrong again. Her celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling. Surprised already? Well, we were to when she revealed that in an interview with love magazine.

14. She is also a TV co-host. Are you already thinking that she is multi-talented, well this time you are right, she really is a bundle of talents. In May 2017, Hailey was named as one of the presenters for the TBS celebrity show which is a rap battle titled “Drop the mic”. If you are familiar with the show, then you would remember her.

15. She is a sweetheart of most male celebrities. Before she eventually got together with Justin, she and other male celebrities have had either a fling or a date interest. She was the date to Shawn Mendes to the Met gala held in May.

16. Well, let’s surprise you again. Hailey is into the theater as well. She said she loves to act in her spare time. Do you know that she loves Broadway musicals and she even trained for seven years in the music theater? I bet you didn’t. Well who could have guessed?

17. She makes her own clothes as well. She confessed that she likes to try out her hands at new designs. Though she is still working hard at it, but she is pretty much determined to do something with that talent of hers. What it is, we don’t know yet. But we would be on the look out if she eventually decides to start her own clothing line.

18. Before they eventually got together this year, she and Justin had already been together before now. This happened in 2015 and we must admit, they looked so good then even as they do look fabulous now.

19. Hailey thinks that guys should always be the first to make the move. She is a strong believer of the guy going after he really wants.

20. She admits, she dislikes Justin’s moustache. She isn’t quite in support of Justin growing his hair most especially his facial hair but she still loves him anyway.

Well, we say a big congratulations to this two love birds and we hope they make it through and give birth to some cute little ones later on.

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