In consonance to a research operated by the University of Florida discovered that changing exercise after every 14 days motivates your inner self while also allowing you to get more variety in staying physically fit.

It always amazes me how the growing number of people do not pay importance to the overall wellness and thereby suffer with diabetes, obesity, and unbearable heart-related diseases.

Following a quick workout session every day helps you to remain fresh, healthy, and physically smart. Physical fitness is all about human body’s ability to function properly without feebleness.

Regular exercise is not only a mood-boosting factor. In fact, systematic workouts help your body store energy which can be used in overcoming physical stresses with alertness. Muscular endurance and strength, cardiovascular reliability, and general alertness determines whether you are ship-shaped or not.

So what’s the wait for? Have a look at these 7 handy tips to improve your physical agility:

Warm Up Yourself before Exercising

The warm up session should be no more than n 5-7 minutes. Stretching your body as you warm up will make you more flexible and loose after the workout.

Circuit Train

Weight training helps you to repeatedly switch from one workout to another. This practice is especially useful for the heart rate while also doubling your cardio session.

Eat More Veggies and Fruits

What more can be healthier than raw, unprocessed fruits and veggies? Loaded with nutrients, fibers, and vitamins – Organic fruits and veggies are preferred by many people since do not contain any chemical contamination.

Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

Without any doubt, unhealthy activities are easy to do. It’s always nice to sit on the couch rather than working out in the gym every day. However, according to Dr. Roked: “Imagine how you want to look yourself in the next five or ten years.” Focus on your goals and actually feel how you want to look, this will motivate you to change your bad habits.

Avoid the Junk Food Trap

Daunting work stress sometimes propels us to speed dial a delivery and grab those fat-laden ready made meals. One way to avoid slipping into junk food trap is to cook and freeze.

Yes! Cook large batches of tomato sauces, chili con carne, low-fat curries, or soups and stews are an excellent way to save your cooking time as well as provide you a healthy evening meal.

 Keep Yourself Hydrated and Physically Fit

The most important of all. A Human body consists 60% of water. And no – Sodas, alcohol, coffees, does not meet up the requirements satisfied by pure water intake by the body. Drink at least 12 glasses daily to keep yourself fresh and fit.

 Incorporate Short Bursts of Movements in Daily Life

Including quick random activities in your routine life like brisk walking, pushing the lawn mower, a 10-minute dance break with your toddlers, washing the windows, parking the car several blocks away to your destination and the possibilities are endless! Carry out ANY short physical activity that’s enjoyable and effective.


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