Sometimes we tend to serve the same meals over and over. It’s just easy to grab the same thing when we’re tired from a long day. There are some ways to give those meals an extra zing without too much effort.


Make pancakes healthier by using soy milk. Adding a dash of rice vinegar will make them fluffier and and it is sweeter and milder than regular white vinegar.

After dipping your bread in eggs for french toast, coat it in panko bread crumbs for added crispy goodness.


You can make your favorite salad more interesting by adding a low sodium soy sauce to your favorite dressing. This not only gives you a different flavor, it also cuts down on some of the calories of a full fat dressing.

Kids love mac and cheese and you can perk it up by adding some teriyaki sauce and topping it with panko bread crumbs.


Vegetables are more exciting when brushed with soy sauce and olive oil before roasting or grilling. Or serve freshly cut veggies with a mixture of yogurt and soy sauce for dipping.

French fries are also good dipped in soy sauce instead of ketchup.
Any meat or fish dish can be spiced up by splashing with teriyaki or soy sauce.

Pasta dishes will taste a little out of the ordinary when you add sweet & sour sauce.


If you’re feeling a little ambitious you could try you’re hand at making fried ice cream. It really isn’t as hard as it sounds and would make a great dessert for a special occasion.

You won’t hear the groaning about boring meals anymore if you try some of these easy ideas.


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