Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is a common problem all over the world. How can we loose it? We need to  know how to burn belly fat. Before that we should know the basics of belly fat. It mainly consists of two types of fat:

  1. It’s subcutaneous fat which is stubborn pinchable stuff. It lies under the skin and stored in the way of six- pack. But doesn’t do much harm as much as visceral fat.
  2. Another one is visceral fat. It stands surrounding our inner organs. It is the cause of different kinds of diseases including heart disease.

We can loose these fats by different types of gym exercises. And for exercise we can go to Gym. There are different types of exercise.  Some Gym exercises are described below . Following this exercise we can reduce our belly fat.

Cardio exercise

Our body stores fat as trigylcerides form. Our body converts this storage fat to fatty acids and glycerol and it isn’t readily available for use as fuel.

This changes of fat stores when our bodies don’t loose any energy. Although our body can’t use this stored triglycerides forms directly on the specific trouble areas. It’s easily mobilized for this reason our body usually reaches for visceral fat.

The best way to slim down our belly fat is to do plenty of cardio vascular exercise. Some good examples of cardio vascular exercise :

  • Bicycling
  • Jogging
  • Aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Walking

This exercises can help us to burn calories and in the dip side into fat stores.

Strength Training

A comprehensive strength-training program can help progress our  full body composition. So that  we process fat and calories more effectively. In our daily metabolism muscle burns more calories than does fat tissue .

Metabolic Circuits

Jointly cardio and strength training in one workout can be save of time and stimulate loss of fat. We can do this exercise to loose our belly fat.

Elliptical trainer

When we are getting older our joints are not as strong as teenagers. Jogging and walking are out of the question. Best thing is elliptical trainers provide an intense, low impact cardio workout. It burns many calories as running burns, It’s without the joint wear-and-tear

I’m not trying to tell you it’s easy. But it’s really easy and pretty simple. In an age where people even can’t think go outside to grill a steak it’s really appealing on a quick fix.

Though human anatomy will never be changed throughout history you can take your grand partners’ work together and apply it in your every daily life we will be able to achieve our greatest results.


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