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The Long Awaited Frozen Sequel Is Almost Here

For those of us who love everything frozen and I see you probably would have one of your favorite animations like the one involving the two sisters from far far away well everything frozen is coming back, and you’d have to read further to discover when.

frozen 2

All our favorite characters from far far away land of Arendelle are coming back again to give us another wonderful experience on the 22nd of November 2020 as confirmed by the company two weeks ago. However, the new frozen story isn’t going to be set in Arendelle alone. The plot of the sequel will be taking our favorite cartoon sisters to some other far distant land. If you’re thinking this new movie is a whole new story it isn’t it is but a continuation of the previous story which was directed and written by Jennifer Lee. And of the sequel, Jennifer Lee says it definitely “will be bigger and far more epic” than the previous one.

As much as we would have loved to Jennifer to, she didn’t say much about the details of the movie. But as far as we know, we sure can expect some amount of development for our favorite characters. The most important things in this new movie will have to revolve around the sisters especially Elsa of course; however, rumor has it that this sequel includes a love story for Olaf as well as a lesbian love story. Rumours also include a potential problem with the relationship of the sisters and this problem is a biological one. So if you have been speculating something wrong especially with the difference in hair color it just might happen that both girls are not really biological sisters. Kristen Bell which is the actor who played the voice of Anna, while talking about her involvement in the new movie gives a few details about some novel scenes as well as mentioned that some of the scenes were quite intimate.

While we spend the next one year pondering about the plot, we already have our hopes high that this would be one great movie.

The first frozen movie itself was famous for its catchy yet cool music, and in this new one the staff has announced for new songs and director Jennifer is already thinking that the whole thing is going to be an evolution.

This goes to remind all of us that one of the most recognizable and famous songs from the first movie “let it go” was written in just one day.  Since the crew had enough time to write songs for this new movie, we expect to hear more interesting and catchy songs that would prove the director’s statement true.

The frozen animation was based on a fairy tale story which was written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The original name was the snow queen, and it is a story about two female characters who were friends and is centered around an infinite struggle between evil and good. You can already see by this summary explanation that a lot has been changed from the original story in the previous movie except for the main subject. However, one thing definitely remains the same hands most highly acclaimed story was the snow queen while frozen still is the highest grossing animated film of all time. What else can we say they obviously are something special and icey about the undeniable popularity of the original story and the animation.

If you’re thinking of what we can give credit to both stories for it would be an increase in tourism some sites enjoyed most especially Norway. Norway was where production crew had to spend days gathering inspiration and now we are hoping that he hinted locations are going to be everything exotic.

That’s for the crew you can bank on expecting the call cast back even though this time the plot is going to follow one of the sisters Elsa more than any other cast, but it is going to get more interesting because a few new characters will be showing up and reinforcing the story.

The official release of frozen 2 in cinemas is scheduled for the 22nd of November. However, that is just the date for north America, and we are not sure what the date for other continents and countries would be yet. If you are thinking of going online to search for the trailer, sorry to disappoint you but it is also not out yet. However we can begin to expect it from the beginning of 2020 while there is still a bit of snow.

What are your thoughts about the sequel of frozen? do you think it is going to be as interesting as the original one, are you looking forward to seeing more interesting scenes, or is it the songs you looking forward to just like a lot of us? whatever your opinion might be you can feel free to share them with us via the comment section, and we will be glad to engage you.

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