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Former Police Chief Brian Paddick Opens Up About Ex-boyfriend’s Death From Drug Overdose

A once high ranking police chief who is from London, has come out publicly in a wide-ranging interview with all the details about the death of his boyfriend in 2013 that was caused by an accidental overdose on a chem sex drug GBH.


Brian Paddick who at one time was the highest ranking gay police officer in Britain, and also served as commander of the London borough of Lambeth, said in a talk with BuzzFeed News that he felt the need to share the story so that other individuals could learn about how dangerous the drug is.

The drug named GHB also known as GBL is an anaesthetic but some people who attend chemsex parties use this drug to loosen inhibitions. However, most people do not know that it is easy to overdose on this medication.

Ex officer paddick met his late ex Michael in the 1990s and they became a couple many years later and eventually moved in together.

Paddick said during the interview that is ex-boyfriend was a party boy and he definitely “knew everything there was to know about drugs”. Paddick said he and Michael split in 2005 but they became even closer emotionally after they called off their relationship.

In 2009, Paddick tied the knot with his new boyfriend but around that time, Muchael’s life began to fall apart in different ways.

Paddick got a phone call in 2013 that remains one of the most devastating calls he has received yet. Michael’s brother called to inform him that his ex-boyfriend was in intensive care and was brain dead.

It was latter discovered that Michael had attended a chemsex party the day he passed away. One of the hosts claimed the “party boy” went straight to the bathroom upon arrival at the venue to take a dose of GHB. However, he mistakenly took two doses and he knew the consequence would be fatal. Michael then made himself sick thinking it would make him feel better, but he fell asleep and began to snore instead.

When a person who has taken some GHB begins to snore, it means that the individual has had an overdose and his respiratory system was starting to shut down, the coroner pointed out.

Paddick added during the interview that Michael’s passing shows “just how dangerous the drug is.” Adding that he never felt he would be courageous enough to talk openly about the death of his ex because if the illegality of drug use, and the fact that get used to work for the police.

Paddock also pointed out the GHB is a class C drug currently which puts it in the same class with sedatives and steroids. It is classified as lower than marijuana but more dangerous.

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