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Divorce Wars Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

It is no longer news that Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie had split but what’s news is their controversial fights over money and over child custody. Earlier this week, Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of not paying child custody dues to her as demanded of him by the court and the state.

Initially, the two love birds who seem to have been together forever suddenly decided to split in 2016. Jolie and Brad were last seen together in July 2016 where they were apparently holding hands. On September 19 of the same year, Jolie eventually filed for a divorce. It was so shocking and everyone was surprised and thought it was simply a media stunt or a call for attention. Little did they know what was about to unfold.

But it was no longer a joking matter when she asked for the complete and full custody of their six kids. When asked the reason for their divorce, she simply said they could no longer live with each other under one roof anymore and she said that was due to some differences that could no longer be reconciled with.

What had started as a subtle separation quickly dived into one that was filled with accusations and hurtful words. Eventually the couple entered into divorce mediations and a large part of it was kept under wraps until recently.

Afterwards, a lot of investigations started mostly into Brad’s private life and we can only assume that Jolie had set them on Brad’s heels. Brad was investigated by the Los Angeles county department of children and family services. The Allegation set against Brad was that Brad had apparently gotten verbally abusive with the kids and had even gotten physical with one of the kids on their private jet just before Jolie had asked to get divorced.

A source confirmed it that though Brad had hit Maddox on the shoulder but it was a light hit and Maddox hadn’t gotten injured in anyway. The source said that it was simply an argument between a father and his child which apparently was not handled properly and had escalated more than it should have.

After the department concluded the investigations, they saw that there was no need for charges of assault to be brought against Brad as there were no injuries and no cause for abuse.

As the divorce medications were going on, Jolie was granted custody of the kids and starting October 2016, Brad was allowed occasional visits to see his children. These visits were however supervised by a therapists most especially when it got to him having relations or visits with the younger ones.

All through the year till January 2017, Brad was only granted a five-hour weekly visits to his kids. After a hearing in January 2017, both brad and Jolie agreed on putting up a joint front toward the judge and also to see to their divorce in front of a private Judge.

After this, both Brad and Pitt went about their separate lives and also went back to work. Nothing was heard about the couple again from that time all through till June 2018 when another custody issue reared its head again.

A public court warned Jolie that if she didn’t allow Brad to build a strong and healthy relationship with the kids, then she could loose primary custody of them. The court then scheduled a visit for both Brad and the kids in London where Jolie was apparently shooting a movie. Asides the visit, the court also granted unlimited and unsupervised phone calls between the kids and Brad.

Another custody issue came up again this August when Jolie accused Brad of not paying any meaningful child support and not doing his delegated duty for the kids. Jolie filed this issue on August 7th,2018 and sent a petition through the court to Brad’s lawyers. She claimed that there were informal arrangements regarding this and because of this Brad had been neglecting his duties as regards child support.

Brad’s lawyers responded by sending copies of receipts of the loan that was apparently given to Jolie for the purchase of the apartment she now lives in. This loan was to the tune of 8 million dollars and that Jolie had also collected almost about 1.3 million dollars from Brad for both her upkeep and the upkeep of that of her children within the last two years.

Jolie then replied through her lawyers that although the loan given to Jolie was true but then, a loan is not child support and that he shouldn’t use the loan to cover for the fact that he hadn’t been paying child support regularly. “A loan is just a loan and it is money to be paid back” Jolie’s lawyer Samantha Blea DeMean responded.

Her lawyer stated that all Jolie is asking for is for Brad to pay only 50% of their children’s fees which brad hasn’t yet responded to. She said that Jolie had had to carry both their responsibilities in the lives of the kids and she can no longer do it again.

She also stated that child support is not an optional agreement in California and that Brad shouldn’t use the loan to mislead the court.

Both Brad and Jolie both claim that they are hoping this divorce finally gets to a conclusion and they can both go their separate ways in peace although it doesn’t seem like it at all.

This is Brad’s second marriage that is failing with the first being with Jennifer Aniston and this is Jolie’s third marriage that has failed with the first and second being with Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Lee Miller respectively.


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