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Dan Crenshaw Talks About Pete Davidson’s Post Suicide Attempt Concerns

The united States representative elect for Texas’s 2nd congressional district, Dan Crenshaw, talked about how he reached out to Saturday night live presenter Pete Davidson during an interview on the news show Houston Newsmaker on Tuesday.

After hearing the comedian’s plea for help, the politician said “I talked to him personal yesterday and talked to him a little bit about it. We don’t go back very far, we’re not good friends, but I think he appreciated hearing from me.”

Crenshaw said he told Davidson who was considering suicide “Everyone has a purpose in this world; God put you here for a reason, but it is your job to find that purpose. You should live that way, you should live that way seeking out that purpose, not expecting it to be given to you by anybody else. Know that you have value and do more good for people than you realize for people.”

Crenshaw also pointed out that he thinks Pete’s job as a comedian is one of the most important job in the world of today. The re-elect shared that  “He makes people laugh, sometimes he makes people mad, but he also makes people laugh a lot and that’s what we talked about. It was a good conversation.”

The intriguing part of Pete’s connection to the politician is that the comedian had made a controversial joke about Crenshaw. During one of the segments of Saturday night live a few weeks back, Davidson had said “You may be surprised to hear [Crenshaw’s] a congressional candidate from Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. I’m sorry. I know he lost his eye in war or whatever.”

Mr Dan had lost an eye to an IED during his third combat tour in Afghanistan.

After pete davidson’s remark, he was highly criticized by a lot of people both on television and on social media. The comedian later apologized to the politician who was invited to saturday night live and was also given the opportunity to diss pete davidson.

Dan said Pete Davidson looked like “Martin Short in Santa Claus 3”. After the recent event, the Saturday night live star did not feature in last Saturday’s episode of Saturday night live except during a brief appearance where he introduced Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson.

A source had earlier shared with E! news that both the cast and crew offered Pete their support after he posted a terrifying message that read: “I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore. I’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer I can last. All I’ve ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so.”

Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend Ariana grande also showed up at the 30 Rockefeller Center  to offer the comedian her support but he turned her away. At this trying time for Pete Davidson, he has decided to lean on friends like musician Machine gun Kelly.

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