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Coco Shares the Reason Why She Still Breastfeeds Her Two Year Old Daughter

These days, mothers are in a hurry to wean their babies so they can move on to doing other things without having to worry about breastfeeding. So much awareness has been created on the importance of breastfeeding over the years, and much of such knowledge is still being shared with mothers, but only a few breastfeed their children past six months.

Coco’s daughter Chanel is two years old and still gets all the sucking she wants, and her mother is happy about it. The belief that children who are exclusively breastfed and are breastfed for a long time grow up to become very intelligent and smart might be the reason my Coco still breastfeed her daughter or maybe not.

Ice-T’s 39 years old wife and mother of one talks about why she is in no hurry to stop breastfeeding her daughter Chanel who turned two in November last year. In discussion with E! news, Coco dismissed the idea of having another baby after Chanel to expand her family anytime soon.

She said, “No! Not at this time! She’s still my baby!”

“I think about this over and over because I love being a mom…but the way we travel is so tough,” she added. “Honestly, I think our life fits one child only.”
It appears that Chanel is protective of her mother’s breasts and can’t stand the thought of having a younger one.

Coco said  “I don’t think Chanel would like a baby sister or a baby brother. She gets jealous! Chanel gets jealous around other kids,” The glamour model continued. “It’s so weird because Chanel still breastfeeds, she still nurses…every time I hold a baby and the baby is close to my boob, she goes, ‘My boob!'”

The world health organisation supports breastfeeding for two years and above, so Coco is doing something correctly. Ice-T already has two grown-up kids from a former relationship so he might not be bothered about Coco’s decision not to have another baby yet.

While other children might find a teddy bear comforting, for Chanel, the boobs are all that matters. “Breastfeeding, of course, you know, when they’re young, they need you for nutrition,” Coco added. “It’s more of a blankie-type thing. Instead of her having a blanket, she has the boob.”

Breastfeeding a child older than 12months is always met with mixed reactions from people and Coco says that she has got some commendation from more people than she has got criticisms.

“Ninety-five percent of people love the fact that I still do it,” Coco said. “But then there’s that five percent that like, want to attack.” “We’ll get to that point where we’ll say, ‘Hey, OK, it’s done,'” Coco added.

Talking about what fun thing the two-year-old Chanel loves to do, her mother mentioned that like most girls her age; she loves to play dress up and take pictures. This is a 21st-century thing for children and parents have no choice but to allow them.

Coco is a model, so it probably feels good to see her daughter do things like mommy.
“She wants to look…very stylish,” Chanel’s mum said. “And then she wants for you to take a picture of her.”

Sometimes Coco dresses her daughter up with matching shoes and clothes and takes pictures of her that she posts on social media.

One time Coco caught her daughter in her shoe closet putting on a pair of mommy’s shoes. The little one’s first reaction was to pose for a photo and Coco couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Another reason why Coco might not want to wean her daughter yet might be because she is using breastfeeding as a birth control medium. Whatever her goal is, we are happy that Chanel is getting the required nutrition and she is having fun growing up.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Writer, face model, and lover of all things beautiful


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