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Brief Guide: Giving First aid to Car Accident Victims

Records show there are more than 45 million victims of car accidents yearly. They need timely and quality first aid. If you aren’t sure of how to offer first aid to car accident victims, it may prove challenging to help them.

Equip yourself skill-wise and professionally to help accident victims when you get CPR online class.

Secure the Accident Scene

After an accident, the scene will be horrible and scary. Use these tricks to secure and bring soundness to the scene. It would be better if you get CPR online class certification.

Park Your Car Meters Away from the Accident Scene

Once you reach the accident scene, park your car off the road. In case the accident victim is lying on the road, bar other cars from passing over him or her by parking it just before the victim.

When parking the vehicle, don’t block access to the scene by other responders. Turn on your car’s emergency flashes to send a message that you have stopped.

Don’t Over React

An overreaction from you or the victim will only worsen the situation. Abstain from any stressors or emotional triggers that can make you decide wrongly. A deep breath, delegation of tasks or refocusing is the way to deal with panic.

Ensure nobody else panics during the scene by assuring everyone that things will be fine.

Observe the Scene Keenly

Don’t just call for assistance immediately. Consider taking time to assess the scene and gather any vital information, which the emergency services may request from you. Assessing the scene will let you know what to do before the emergency services arrive.

Carefully examine the scene to know the cars involved, victims injured, and whether there are issues with smoke or gas. Check for broken glasses and floored live wires. Remove any young ones in the scene, taking them to a safer place.

Don’t overlook your safety too. You wouldn’t want to be one of the casualties once the emergency services team arrives.

Call Emergency Services

Reach out to the emergency services team. During the call, provide the team with all the information they may need to deliver optimal first aid services.  Get bystanders and witnesses to reach out to the emergency services too.

Provide the emergency machine operator with details like the number of victims, the location, the dead victims, and the severely injured patients.

Warn Other Drivers and Passengers

Inform those using the road that there is an awful incident to avoid. Bystanders can help you pass the information faster and more efficiently. In case you have flares, use them as they will alert other drivers.

Offer Assistance to Those Involved

Assist accident victims in these simple ways:

Assess Any Danger

Don’t start attending to accident victims before you have assessed the scene. Ensure the environment is safe and doesn’t have issues with smoke, fire, or fuel flow. Don’t try offering first aid to victims in such settings, rather call the emergency services team.

Talk with the Victim

Don’t offer first aid to a conscious victim without their consent.  Not all accident victims want to be assisted, and so inquiring from them before doing anything is essential.

Don’t Move the Accident Victim

Unless you are a qualified physician, don’t attend to the physical injuries of the victim. Allow the patient to remain in the same position. If a potential explosion or fire threatens the victim’s life, don’t hesitate to move him or her away from the scene.

Check the Patient’s Breathing

Once breathing is cut short, death occurs. So, when assessing an accident victim’s health and condition, check out if they are breathing well.

If they are not breathing, give him or her CPR to restart their respiratory and circulatory systems. You may not necessarily need to be a qualified CPR expert.

Give the Necessary First Aid

Clinicians recommend giving first aid when the victim is in a life-threatening condition. In case of broken bones or injuries that require bandaging, wait for an emergency care specialist to administer the first aid care.

Treat the Patient of Shock

After an accident, those involved will ultimately develop shock. The shock can kill the victim if not treated, and so it is recommended you help the patient out of the shock.

Encourage the Victim

When injured and experiencing extreme pain, an accident victim will be stressed and in shock. They will likely be of thinking that their life has come to an end. Encourage them with words and advises to relieve their pain and give them hope.

Let the Emergency Care Team Do Their Work

When the emergency care team arrives at the accident scene, leave everything you were doing and handover the caring of the victim to them.

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