For some people, love is stronger than any other force in the universe, even death. A woman whose husband-to-be was killed by an allegedly drunk motorist has memorialised the deceased by taking their supposed-to-be wedding photos alone.

On the 10th of November, last year which is about a year to the Montgomery, Ind., volunteer firefighter Kendall Murphy’s planned wedding to an occupational therapist Jennifer Padgett, the 27 years old volunteer FireFighter was murdered by a drunk driver while stepping out of his vehicle to help an accident victim in Indiana.

25 years old Padgett told Yahoo Lifestyle “When Kendall passed, it took me a while to realise what happened, but as months went by, I realised that I wanted to celebrate our wedding day.”

So Padgett reached out to Mandi Knepp of Loving life photography who was also the local photographer that shot the couple’s engagement photos at the beautiful Glendale State Fish and Wildlife Area in Daviess County  “The day was an emotional roller coaster,” the photographer says. “I had chills all that day. It was a blessing to be a part of this.”

On what was supposed to be the couple’s wedding day, the bride got dressed in her white wedding gown and had her makeup and hair professionally done. The bride then met her parents and her deceased groom’s family at Glendale for a tribute to the fallen firefighter.

“When I arrived, our entire wedding party was lined up to greet us, exactly as they would have stood at the ceremony,” says the bride. “That was a surprise. It was emotional.”

Kendall’s family surprised the 25year old with her groom’s helmet, uniform, and boots stuffed with sunflowers which were the wedding flowers. Attached to the shoes was a note that read “No matter your path, I am with you always.”

Padgett also posed for pictures with the deceased’s pet dog who was his best friend while he was alive. And Murphy’s family and friends delivered speeches at his gravesite.

The bride remarked “There were some funny moments. Like the mosquitos were terrible that day.”

Padgett was showered with love and gifts in the form of messages from strangers, friends and family on Facebook. Each wedding usher handed the bride a different bouquet of lovely flowers.

In the evening of the day, the entire party released plenty of paper lanterns into the sky before proceeding to enjoy a meal together as they shared stories and memories about the late Murphy.

Padgett says of her wedding day that “It was something special to help heal both families.”


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