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Big Brother Housemate Cameron Cole Reveals He Is Gay

More people are beginning to Identify as gay, and that includes big brother contestant Cameron Cole.

The 18-year-old reality star revealed on an episode which aired on Friday 5th of October to the millions of views watching at home and to his friend Lewis Flanagan that he says.

This confession comes after fellow big brother housemate Cian Carrigan ’s revelation that he has been crushing on the Vlogger.

Cameron Cole

Cian Carrigan confessed about his feelings for Cole in a talk with Zoe Jones on Thursday’s edition of big brother saying: “I do, I do fancy him… Oh my god, what the f**k?! He does make me laugh,” Cian continued. “I don’t know what it is, I love his smile, and I think his smile is so beautiful. I love that smile and when he smiles at me.”

In the same conversation, Cian decided to keep his feelings away from Cameron as he was sure his crush would not reciprocate his feelings. But later that evening, Cian Summoned up enough courage to let the cat out of the bag as he pulled Cameron aside to make him aware of his emotions and the result was an unexpected awkwardness between the duo.

In the morning on Friday, Cian talked with Isaac Jagroop where he concluded that it was probably a bad idea to put the 18-year old housemate in such a position and blamed his action on the alcohol. “I was proper p***ed last night,” he said laughing “He’s 18. I don’t think anyone has had a crush on him before. I would eat him alive!”

Somewhere else in the big brother house, Cole was looking to his friend Flanagan for some support as he combined about how he wish that Cameron had not said anything about how he feels. Not because of the possible reasons everyone else would Imagine. Cole said: “Even if he’d just said it to you, that’d be fine but to say it to the whole f**king group,” he fretted. “Everyone’s awkward today with me. Every single person. Conversations are just weird. Zoe… I think she feels awkward speaking to me. They’re don’t understand that there are more layers to that.”

Flanagan advised his friend on the subject of sexuality, telling him to only open up to people when he is mentally and physically ready to, adding that he needs not feel pressured merely because someone has indicated sexual interest in him. Flanagan offered to be of assistance just in case cole are necessary to practice saying the words to someone.

The last four years I’ve been waiting to be ready, but you’re never really prepared,” Cameron admitted before adding that, “Sometimes you gotta say ‘f**k it’ and just do it.”  Cameron encouraged his friend to ask him outright about his sexuality, and Flanagan being supportive agreed with a “Yes” response.

Cameron looked a little shy as he hid his face under his hoodie but following a hug and a high-five from his friend who also told him how proud he was of him, Cole managed to crack a smile.

“Now my whole world changes forever,” he noted

On Big Brother’s “on the side” chat with the housemates father, the patriarch revealed to Rylan Clark Neal, the host, that his family had always known about his son’s sexuality, but they have never put any pressure on him to open up as he believes Cole will eventually tell them when the time is right.

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