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Ben Affleck Returns to Rehab Amidst Divorce Settlement

The stunning actress Jennifer Garner continues to rise and gain popularity due to her selfless actions concerning her estranged ex husband Ben Affleck. It has been almost 3 years since the duo announced their divorce intentions to the media and to the world. Despite their intentions to divorce each other, Jennifer has decided that it is still for better, for worse where both of them are concerned.

Though Ben has been in and out of rehab for approximately the third time, jenny has just refused to give up on her husband. She has decided that despite all his shortcomings, she is still going to help him through.

If we can recall vividly, the two decided to split due to Ben’s addictions and his nasty gambling habits, his constant abuse and him deciding to sleep with their children’s nanny. Just a few days ago precisely on Wednesday August 23rd, 2018, Jenny decided to drag her ex husband down to a rehab facility after he was found haggard and dirty looking.

Despite Ben’s addictions, Jenny has always placed their three kids first saying that their three kids 12-year old violet, 9-year old sarafina, and their last child 6-year old Samuel are her top priorities.

A source recently told E! News that Jennifer had vowed never to give up on Ben because he is the father of her kids. The source went further to call Jenny Ben’s rock and saving grace but make no mistake, Jenny is quite hurt and unhappy about the whole situations but then yet again, she never shows it because she always toughen up and puts on a bold face every time.

Another source informs us of Jenny’s deepest concern most especially concerning their divorce and if Ben will be able to ever have custody rights or even at least visitation rights to their kids.

“She is more concerned about her kids. She worries if her kids will be able to ever have an opportunity to see their father when they eventually get to finalise the divorce. Even if he is granted visitation or custody rights, she never wants their kids to see him this way. She needs someone she can rely on to co-parent their kids after the divorce” the source says.

In order to debunk rumours that Jennifer is jealous about who Ben is dating, the source said that there is no such thing as that and that she is more concerned about getting him sober than who he is seeing at the moment. Recently, Ben started his relapse back into substance abuse and alcoholism when his girlfriend of one year, producer of Saturday Night live Lindsay Shookus broke up with him

She had apparently had enough of his addictions and alcoholism and had decided to get him help. When Ben decided not to get help and was being stubborn to go back to the rehab and he didn’t want to be controlled, she got tired and decided to quit the relationship altogether.

Not too long after they quit the relationship, Ben started seeing someone else who was a 22 year old play boy model Shauna Sexton. Not too long after that, Ben was seen to go back to his old addiction of drinking. He also seen receiving a delivery of alcohol which he ordered for in his home.

After he was spotted taking the delivery, Jennifer decided she had had enough and she drove up to his place to pick him alongside a bible and a lawyer. She eventually got him to sober up a little after two hours of tears and pleading from her,she then took him to the rehab while his girlfriend enjoyed herself on the beach.

Friends who had seen him spiralling back into the hole called up Jennifer and they were glad to see that he was back in rehab ready to do better. Meanwhile Jennifer Lopez, Ben’s ex girlfriend also prays for his quick recovery. A source who is very close to Jennifer says she is very much interested in the health of Ben and also for him to get better.

J-lo says she still has a lot of love and respect for Ben and that if he ever reaches out for help to her, she will be very willing to offer any assistance to Ben. This she would do simply because they are good friends and she believes that if situations were turned around, he would be there for her as well.

Meanwhile both Ben and Jennifer have finally concluded their divorce and the final divorce settlement will be with the court up until Ben returns from rehab. Apparently, Ben and Jenny have been able to reach a property settlement. Although it was both complicated and time consuming due to the amount of properties and fortune to be shared, they finally reached a conclusion even thought they didn’t have a prenup before marriage.

As for the custody of their kids, they finally agreed on joint custody of their 3 kids although the agreement didn’t state how much time they both Hager to spend with the kids which seems weird. They agreed to co parent rather than go through the rigorous process of having to struggle who gets the kids. They decided to be flexible with who gets the kids and work it out based on their work schedule.

So eventually their divorce comes to an end when Ben comes out of rehab and is sober enough to sign the final divorce papers. We wish Ben quick recovery.


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