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Bayleigh Dayton Reveals She Had a Miscarriage in the Big Brother Jury

Bayleigh Dayton says she lost the rumoured pregnancy during her time in the Big brother Jury house.

On Friday, the Big brother star and her Fiance, Swagger C, finally talked about the rumour that Dayton is currently expecting a baby.

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Let me first start by saying that I was SO ecstatic to be a mom! I understand to most the circumstances were not ideal. @swaggyctv and I did not make the best decision by being intimate so publicly but we were in our own world and completely forgot about everyone else when we were together. I just wanted to share and be transparent about my experience @bbangierockstar was my ROCK in the jury house. The B.B. team was amazing and discrete. @hbroucher, @fessyfitness and @scottie_salton held me down and were my family when I couldn’t speak to my family and I love you guys forever for that. To anyone that has ever lost a child, I AM SO SORRY!! I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy. ❤️ Full video in my bio. Also thank you to my family and friends for holding me down while I was in the house. Couldn’t live this life without y’all.

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In a video shared on Instagram, the couple said  “Okay, so let’s clear the air. There is something that has been on my chest—I am getting asked constantly if I’m pregnant,” Dayton started. “I will definitely be the first to say that I’m not, but during the time that Swaggy and I spent in the house, we spent every moment together and we are aware that we fell a little bit deep in love and that was in the public eye.”

With that already stated, while Bayleigh isn’t currently expecting, she confirms that she indeed took in during her time in the big brother house.

But,while she was staying at the big brother jury house, she had a miscarriage for reasons that remain unknown. “It’s something that we’re still figuring out,” Bayleigh explained.

The pair were out of communication for two months until the grand finale on Wednesday because Swagger was the second person to be voted out if the big brother house.

With the couple finally getting back together and Bayliegh trying to settle back into the real world, the duo couldn’t discuss the miscarriage until very recently. “We actually just got a chance to talk to each other about it for the first time today” the reality star shared.

Without Swagger C by her side, Bayleigh leaned on Angie Rockstar Lantry who proved to be a rock of support for her in during her stay in the house. She thanked both Angie and the rest if the big brother team for being “amazing and discrete.”

Now that the show is over and the pair are together at home, they are trying to process the loss of the baby and they want their fans to respect their need for privacy during this time. Dayton said in the video that “I know you guys want to know what’s up and what‘s going on with us and we appreciate it, but we’re still trying to figure it out because we don’t know ourselves.”

However, things are not all that bad as the couple feel that the entire issue brought them closer to each other. According to Dayton “We have had things that brought us closer than people can even imagine, so at the end of this process it was literally like, ‘No, I know I am going to spend my life with this boy.'”

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