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Angela Bassett Looks Flawless at 60

You can’t talk about beautiful and smart black women in Hollywood without mentioning Angela Bassett.

This how Stella got her groove back actress has always set the pace when it comes to looking twenty years younger than she is. It’s a month of celebration for the actress as she hits the big “60”, and she is not afraid to show off her flawless body in a bikini.

To celebrate her 60th birthday, Angela Bassett took to her Instagram and tweeter accounts to share smoking hot photos of her slaying in a bikini. She captioned her photo “Happy birthday to all my Leo brothers and sisters; let’s eat cake.”

Some people think Angela’s body in the picture looked unreal for that of a 60year old, but the actress has been working extra hard to look that young, so she is unbothered about what people think. The mission impossible actress has flaunted her mesmerising figure on social media countless times, and she doesn’t understand why people always act surprised at how she manages to stay that young. One time she told Potter magazine “I think it’s a high-class problem I have”.

If looking 25 at 60 is a problem, every woman would love a piece of that problem. Angela added that “ But you don’t really know what to say when someone says:’Oh my God!, you look so good’. What do they expect? For you to be completely broken down?” While the actress shared her secret on how she stays healthy and young, she mentioned that her diet does 85% of the magic as she is watchful of the things she eats and she also works out.

According to Angela, she works with a personal trainer at least four to five times a week when she’s home. The only time she doesn’t exercise is when she’s travelling. But, as soon as she returns, she goes back to building her body.

Sometimes, Angela tries to do some exercise in her hotel when she travels, but she doesn’t wake up at 4 am to work out like she does when she is at home.

The Black Panther actress has shared her plans for her 60th birthday. Angela shared in an interview with ABC radio that she has plans of having a small get together with family and friends, but she is not sure yet. Gossip has it that there would be a party in L.A with Angela’s husband and some other black celebrities from Hollywood, but Angela hasn’t said anything about who she is inviting so let’s just stick with the rumour for now. The actress however issued a warning upfront, so her guests know how to behave when they come to her party. She said she doesn’t want anybody standing on the perimeter when they could let their hair down and dance the night away. We are sure that Angela will be having so much fun, and we wish her many more beautiful years ahead. For ladies who want to have that perfect body at 60, Angela’s tips are all you need.

This month also is a month of celebration for Madonna who equally turned 60 and is looking so young she could easily steal your man. If you are searching for beauty tips, Madonna is another celebrity you should follow on social media.

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