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Adrianne Curry Ties the Knot in a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

We have seen fairy tale wedding ceremony themes, we have seen Disney wedding ceremony themes, but bring a Game of Thrones theme on the list is taking wedding themes to a whole new beautiful level.

America’s next top model winner Adrianne Curry and her boyfriend who she has dated for quite a long time have finally tied the knot in a GOT themed elopement that would make all other movie-themed weddings jealous.

Curry and Mattew Ducksauce Rhode got married on the fifteenth of September in the romantic Logans Pass of Glacier National Park. According to the new bride, the landscape of the park had a “hint of Rivendell in the middle of Winterfell” that she wished to have for her wedding. “I had never seen anything so beautiful.”

In pictures from the wedding, the supermodel was seen dressed in a gold and white dress coupled with lovely gold accessories that were inspired by the gown worn by Daenery Qarth from GOT.

Matthew was dressed in a more casual outfit of a pair of Khakis, a blue long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves folded up, and a grey vest. The couple were prepared for maximum romance in their dream wedding so much so that they both unintentionally “quoted The Lord Of The Rings in our vows.” The bride even “tossed in some Watchmen, Harry Potter and loads of Game of Thrones quotes.”

After the fantasy-fueled exchange of vows, the bride and groom hiked all the way back to the town where they danced in the most romantic slow dance steps in their hotel room before eating their GOT themed cake and drinking with a pair of Lord of the ring themed flutes.

The elopement came after the plans the pair had for a wedding came crashing down for some reasons. Their initial wedding plans got ruined by a fire outbreak in the national park, one size too small ring, and a burnt hand.

“We wanted an intimate and meaningful wedding. People opposed our career changes, our life changes, etc.,” Curry shared. “It made sense to just do the thing in a personal way and save for our future.”

The model also talked about her former marriage to Christopher Knight who she tied the knot with on their reality TV show called My Fair Brady. Adrianne said “It took this meaningful union to realise just how fucking fake that first wedding was. It was a TV show; only I was not privy to the fact that I was the only one that thought it was real. Everything about it wasn’t genuine, and I was a young and stupid fool that truly believed I was loved.”

She added that “When you get married if you are almost vomiting from “cold feet” right before walking down the aisle…if your Mom hands you an abuse hotline the night before explaining verbal abuse is just as bad as physical…R U N.”

Since her split from Knight and her new love life with Matthew she confessed that she has “finally learned what real love is.”  And despite all the challenges that led to the change of wedding plans, Adrianne mentioned that her wedding weekend remains one of “the best weekends of my life.”

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Writer, face model, and lover of all things beautiful


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