When Private Eye M.I Gutzache was told all he would be paid to do was just sample foreign delicacies, he was delighted because it wasn’t any hard work and all he had to do was sample the food and give reports on it. The following are his findings.

1. Haggis (Scotland)


Tasted good- I like the savoury taste of onions and herbs and meat. I was just enjoying my second helping when someone mentioned that the meat was sheep’s heart and lungs wrapped up in its stomach. I suddenly needed some fresh air.

2. Chitterlings (Southern USA)


This was really good. Nice crunchy batter. Then they told me it was chopped pigs intestines with corn meal fried in lard. I swallowed hard and went on to the next dish

3. Frogs’ legs (China and France)

Frogs' legs

I could see what this dish was. I shut my eyes and took a bite. It tasted like watery chicken. I’d prefer chicken any day.

4. Prahoc (Cambodia)


Tasted a bit fishy. No, I don’t mean fishy suspicious- just fishy and kind of salty. But when i learned the fish had been squashed to paste and left to rot for a few days, I decided they could keep their rotten fish.

5. Sheep’s eyeballs (from a boiled head) (Middle East)

Sheep's eyeballs

I took one look at the eyeballs and they took one look at me. We were eyeball to eyeball. I started to sweat. I knew what I had to do, it was staring me right in the face. “OK, that’s it,” I snapped. “I quit!” This job was sick.

If you know any horrible food that is popular, we will be delighted if you share, but by the way, which one of the five disgusts you the most?


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