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5 Famous People Who Went Totally Broke

Another thing is to make money, and yet another one is to know how to keep them.

They may be some talented people but they haven’t really been so talented when it comes to managing their wealth. At least, they could have hired a good financial consultor right?

Despite the real reasons why so many celebrities have gone broke (taxes, bad investments, drugs, divorce), they all have in common one thing! They were enormous rich before they went near to a homeless faze.

Here are some of the most notable actors/ actress, TV personalities and singers who have managed to be on this list.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

It doesn’t matter from where we remember Pamela Anderson. It might be from the famous TV series “Baywatch”, from her appearances on Playboy or from her rockers spouses like Tommy Lee or Kid Rock.

What it matters now is her financial status. She might be with no money left to use for plastic surgery and this is bad news.

Some inside courses claim that the real reason why all her money is gone is by her Diva like lifestyle.  Also, she owned some tax debt, nearly 2 million dollars that gave her a last push.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser

Even if he was making over 2 million dollars per year on late 1990’s and early 2000’s, his spending habits were insane.

We might still see him appear from time to time on TV shows or movies, but that doesn’t mean he is not broke. His child support is estimated to be nearly 75,000 dollars per month based on his early salary.

He has also a lot of taxes and staffing fees to monthly pay and don’t make us start with his mortgages. He is currently spending more money than he makes and it’s pretty clear he won’t be able to recover if he continues to loose hat much money.

Maybe his ex-wife can be a little supportive in his alimony and not take that amount for a couple of months right? Because in the end, nobody wins.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas CageHe went bankrupt with over 14 million dollars in debt. And it’s weird if we take into count his luxuries assets like private jets, some amazing and expensive mansions, cars that he has purchased.

Its almost official that he has already sold out all of his assets to get himself out of dept. At least he has some hope due to his latest acting that will eventually provide his some decent money. We just hope he learns his lesson this time.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

After seeing the way she raised to the top with her early acting career, we all had such high expectations and never imagined she would end up broke and doing drugs. In 2012 she went bankrupt and it was no surprise to none of us due to her crazy lifestyle.

Now she is facing some new changing to her life and hopefully she can go back on track with her billionaire Russian fiancé who seems to have gotten tired from her bad habits.

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds

The famous American actor, producer and director is the first one on this list.

He might have been famous back at his age, being a protagonist in many movies and being a sex symbol in 70’s; he is nowadays famous for something else.

He is nearly homeless and is maintaining himself by selling all his movie memorabilia, a simple question naturally comes in our mind, where did all his money go? Well, he can give us a simple logic answer too.

Drugs, alcohol, he has also endured rehab for several addictions. Some plastic surgery signs have been seen into display too. Some of his bad investments has also given their contribution to his nearly bankruptcy for the second time round.


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