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Your body shows different signs to get your attention about your health.  These signs are sometimes left unnoticed until more symptoms appear.

Some of the signs are becoming sick due to weak immune system or wounds that do not respond to medications. Most people do not realize that their health is not in good shape anymore until they are diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

The body has different ways of showing warnings that indicate poor health. Here are the four things that you have to watch out to make sure that your health is always in good shape.

Cold Feet

Many people experience cold feet especially when the temperature drops. However, if your feet are always cold even on times that they should not be, it is best to pay more attention. Check if your feet feel comfortable as the blood may not be able to flow properly.

Cold feet are one of the symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome, where the circulation of the blood in hands and feet are lacking.

Wearing socks or warming the feet up with a fire won’t do anything. This syndrome is associated with autoimmune conditions and has to be checked by a doctor.

Cracked Lips

If you find yourself always looking for your lip balm because of your cracked lips especially in the corners, this could be a sign that your body lacks vitamin B.

Cracked lips are also known as “chelitis” and can also be a sign of anemia. With the lips cracked open, you have higher risk of acquiring infections.

Anemia is a medical term used for red blood cells deficiency. Aside from cracked lips, other symptoms of anemia are headaches, leg cramps, dizziness, shortness of breath and fatigue.

For worse cases of cracked lips, it is best to have treatment right away or seek medical attention.

Constant Fatigue

If you always feel tired and both your body and mind do not seem to perform well, something could be wrong.

You may feel that feeling tired is normal as most people work overtime nowadays. Getting adequate amount of sleep is one of the most important ways to keep the body healthy and if you are sleep-deprived, constant fatigue could be a warning that your health is in bad shape.

If you are getting enough amount of sleep like 8 to 9 hours straight and you still find yourself yawning, sleepy or tired, this could be a sign of adrenal glands or thyroid problem.

If this is the case, you will need to start improving your diet and get rid of unwanted chemicals like unhealthy foods or processed foods. Make sure that you also get enough nutrients in your system to prevent possible illnesses.

Chicken Skin

Chicken skin looks like goose bumps but these are permanent and caused by overgrowth of keratin. Chicken skin usually appears on the arms and may be itchy at times but these are harmless.

However, there are rare cases that chicken skin is a sign to a severe skin condition.

Including milk in your bath can sooth the keratin as milk contains lactic acid. Steroid cream can also be applied to prevent chicken skin from developing.


Some of these signs could be normal and you probably experience some of these every day. However, it is still best to pay attention to your body in order to provide the right actions in the right moment.


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